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Easter Eggs and Treats Deluxe Hamper


An Easter Gift filled with Cadbury Chocolate Eggs, chocolate treats and sweet jellies and treats! Perfect for kids, families, young and old alike! Happy Easter!

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An Eggcellent Easter Gift Hamper filled with delicious Cadbury Chocolate Eggs,  Chocolates and Sweet Treats!


  • 3 x Cadbury Chocolate Easter Eggs (If Cadbury is out of stock, Nestle Eggs will be used)

  • Haribo Starmix or Haribo Easter Eggs Galore Jellies (stock dependent)

  • Haribo Superparty

  • Haribo Jellies

  • Maoam Stripes

  • Maltesers share bag

  • Cadbury Twirl Bites

  • Cadbury Milk Tray (78g box)

  • Cadbury Dairymilk Freddo bars (Chocolate or Caramel Freddo)

  • Presented and packaged in a hamper with our unique Easter Greeting Card which will include your personal message/note.


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