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Halloween Party Hamper (Sweets & Treats)


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This Halloween Sweets and Treats Hamper is the perfect candy hamper for Halloween. Filled with jellies and treats for Trick or Treat night, a Halloween party or simply for munching on at home with the family, movie nights etc. Frightfully sour and sweet treats to delight Trick or Treaters this Spooky season!

Hamper Contents

■ Haribo Trick or Treat (Multipack)

■ Haribo Sour Skeletons

■ Haribo Monsters Zing

■ Trolli Sour Glowworms

■ Becky's Creepy Tasty Bones Lollipops (Apple & Strawberry)

■ Gummy Eyeballs (Strawberry flavour)

■ Gummy Body Parts (Strawberry flavour)

■ Halloween Pumpkin character filled with Smarties/candy

*Note - The contents used in this hamper is subject to change depending on stock availability. Where needed, a substitute item of similar or superior quality will be used in it's place.


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